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Elevate your client offerings, become a Payd partner

Payd partners with leading payroll and HRMS providers, business consultants, financial advisors, and integration partners like yours, to unlock new revenue streams and offer innovative financial wellbeing solutions for your clients.

Trusted by 100,000+ employees


Earned Wage Access

With Payd’s Earned Wage Access, employees have the flexibility to access their salaries on-demand, eliminating the need for you to manage salary advances.


Promote employee financial wellbeing

Expand your product offerings by referring clients to Payd or integrating Payd into your suite.


Payroll providers

Enhance your client offerings with Earned Wage Access through Payd. Streamline on-demand salary requests while improving retention, engagement, and recruitment, enabling your clients to provide competitive employee benefits in the market.


HRMS platforms

Include Earned Wage Access in your employee wellbeing solutions to foster financial wellness and reduce stress. Empower your clients with a comprehensive suite of employee benefits and tools.


Integration and distribution partners

Incorporate EWA services into your employee benefits or loyalty programs with ease. Payd offers seamless integration, handling everything so you can focus on delivering value to your clients.


Unlock a new revenue stream

Generate additional earnings through referrals or client activations.

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Activating a client

What our partners say about Payd

Integrating Earned Wage Access through Payd has been a game-changer for our clients. Not only does it streamline salary requests, but it also enhances employee retention and engagement. Offering competitive benefits in the market has never been easier.

Payroll Solutions ManagerPayroll Provider

Including Earned Wage Access in our employee wellbeing solutions has significantly improved financial wellbeing among our clients' employees. The seamless integration with Payd has empowered us to provide a comprehensive suite of benefits and tools. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

HR Technology ConsultantHRMS Platform

Incorporating EWA into our employee benefits program was a breeze with Payd. Their seamless integration allowed us to focus on delivering value to our clients while generating additional revenue streams effortlessly. We're thrilled with the results.

Integration Specialist

Partnering with Payd has been a lucrative opportunity for my consultancy. By referring clients to their Earned Wage Access solution, I've not only helped businesses improve their financial wellbeing initiatives but also earned significant revenue in the process.

Business Consultant

As a financial advisor, I'm always looking for innovative solutions to benefit my clients. Introducing Earned Wage Access through Payd has been a game-changer. Not only does it foster financial wellness and reduce stress, but it also provides an additional revenue stream for my practice.

Certified Financial Planner
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