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53% of Malaysians do not have sufficient savings to last more than 3 months, which can be problematic when having to deal with unexpected bills that come due before payday.

Employees often struggle to stretch money between pay periods, and thus face difficulty in maintaining financial stability through their main source of income.

Payd aims to bring financial wellness, dignity, and a better way to the millions in the Malaysian workforce that are experiencing financial stress.

Payd comes with the added benefit of helping businesses improve their employee retention and engagement while remaining profitable and socially-responsible.

Advancing financial inclusion

We create financial products that allow everyday Malaysians to participate in the great economy that they made a reality. Payd is deeply committed to improving the lives of everyone on our platform, and ultimately the entire rakyat.

Payd introduces a solution to the market that helps solve a longtime problem in Malaysia.

Until we came along, employees had limited options on how to bridge the gap between needing money and getting paid – by borrowing, incurring late fees, or high interest payday loans.

With Payd, employers can help drive money back to those who need it the most — their employees.

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