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Build a workplace where people want to work.

Reduce financial stress in the workplace. With Payd, you can now offer your employees access to up to 50% of their earned salaries whenever they need it. It is not a loan; there is no interest, and it is 100% Shariah compliant.

Trusted by 100,000+ employees


average monthly time saved in payroll management through Payd.


more job applicants for businesses offering EWA¹


reduction in turnover for businesses implementing EWA²


Earned Wage Access

Supporting employees with salary advances can alleviate financial strain. Processing these advances is often time-consuming.
With Payd’s Earned Wage Access, employees have the flexibility to access their salaries on-demand, eliminating the need for you to manage salary advances.

Empower your team with on-demand financial freedom

Elevate your employees' financial wellbeing effortlessly. Explore seamless solutions for on-demand salary, exclusive perks, financial education, and more.

Free to set up

Zero cost to your business. No set up and maintenance fees.

Admin controls

Admin dashboard for complete oversight, control and reporting.

Fast deployment

No interruptions to your existing payroll systems.

Strengthen cash flow support

Better manage your cash flow by extending your monthly working capital.

Data compliance

Data is processed inline with PDPA regulations.

Reduce burden on payroll

Remove the pressure on your business to manage salary advance requests.

Roll-out EWA in less than two weeks



Our EWA consultants will provide expert guidance on implementing EWA based on your organisational goals. We'll strategise with you to ensure optimal utilisation among your employees.


Our dedicated team of software engineers will streamline processes, ensuring seamless synchronisation between payroll, time, and attendance systems. Automation will eliminate the need for manual processes in payroll.


Our dedicated team of onboarding experts will guide you through a rollout plan tailored to your goals. We'll ensure that your HR teams and employees understand the benefits and facilitate utilisation, fostering financial wellbeing.

The Ultimate Guide to EWA

Don’t let financial stress hinder your employees’ performance and decrease your company’s productivity.

Download our definitive guide to discover actionable strategies for enhancing your employees’ financial wellbeing.

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Trusted by business leaders

Payd came to me with a solution that already is simple, very effective, and quick to implement. It was just a no-brainer. If I can do it today, that means I can address the pain of my employees today.

Terry GohCEO, KyoChon Malaysia

As Head of People, I had to think of new initiatives to address our employee financial wellbeing. Payd came along at the right time by providing earned salary on demand to help our employees when they are in need.

Rian AzzrihanHead of People, myTukar

Payd's Earned Wage Access Service has been very helpful. Our employees can withdraw money in advance and worry less about not having enough money. They no longer have waiting days for advances to be approved and can access their earned wages without worry.

Nor AsyikinHuman Resource Manager, Legasi Security

Our employees are appreciative that we made their earned salary accessible to them via Payd as it helped them when they were in emergency situations.

Retail companyHead of Compensation & Benefits
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