Financial Wellbeing for

Hospitals and Healthcare

Provide financial wellbeing benefits to your employees without the hassle of managing salary advances.

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Earned Wage Access

EWA allows your employees to receive a portion of their salary for hours they have already worked but not yet been paid for.



Salary already earned but unpaid


Not an advance salary



Compensation of work done


Not a loan



Timely & Instant


Not reliant on pay cycle

Attract, Engage, and Retain Great Employees

Reduces workload on payroll

Save more than 1,000 hours on payroll a year. Reinvest on hiring and expanding your operations.

Improves Cash Flow

Reduce the unnecessary risks brought by salary advances. Allow your employees to take out only what they have earned.

Reduces employee abscondment

Increase employee retention by 30% and save your business thousands in turnover cost.

Easy to Roll Out

Simple implementation. No technical integration required. Easy setup and onboarding process.

Zero Cost to you

No setup fees and recurring costs. Offer financial wellbeing to your employees, without the obstacles involved.

Trusted by your peers in the Healthcare Industry

Payd has been amazing for our staff. Offering our employees the freedom to access their earned salary has been very empowering.

Offer a new employee benefit
in less than a week

1. Partner

Partner with Payd and offer Earned Wage Access (EWA) as a voluntary employee wellbeing benefit

2. Activate

Connect and integrate with your HRMS seamlessly.

3. Onboard

We work with you to provide roll-out materials to educate your team about the new employee benefit

4. Access

Employees get immediate access to Payd. Employers have full visibility of the enrolment and usage rates.

Stay competitive in the labour market

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